Time Traveling Presents… A Day In Divergent

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Hey guys! This is a homework assignment we have been working on for a while in class. I hope you enjoy it. It is kind of a speaking tour of Divergent. 

Wouldn’t it be electrifying if you could time travel into the future? Well my friends, today I am going to do just that! Get ready to join me in the futuristic fantasy world of Divergent (futuristic Chicago). WARNING: Repetitive jumping may occur. 

First, we must enter the city on the elevated sky trains that zip people through the city at lightning pace. Most lead to the Dauntless compound which is our first destination. By the way, you are going to have to jump to get on the train, so shape up and be ready! Rinnngggg! Do you hear it? Those are the blasting whistles of the train. It’s coming and it’s coming fast! Now get ready, jump!

Thud! Now that we are at the Dauntless compound,  I know you just jumped, but it seems like we are going to have to jump again. But hey, I warned you! This time, there is a net with give, so you’ll most likely be unharmed. It looks like a trench, but it does end eventually.  Alright, it’s time. Ready, set, go!

Another successful jump completed! We should take a peek around the dark, concrete dugout more commonly known as “the Pit”. Here it  is: the Chasm. I may sound mental, but I have always wanted to bungee jump towards the crashing rapids in the chasm. Are you with me? Nevermind, I already know you are because we are in Dauntless! 

Woo Hoo! I feel like I am on a rollercoaster plummeting towards the cracked sidewalk. The misty spray from the chasm spitting at my back is refreshing. You know, bungee jumping is similar to zip lining in a way: rocketing face first towards a slab of stone waiting to greet you as you meet the ground. Zip lining is totally safe though! I am almost 95% sure that Zeke knows what he’s doing!

Wow! I forgot how breathtaking the view is from the hundredth floor. Reading the look on your face, you are obviously seem uncomfortable with the current situation. I know it seems risky, but all it is is riding in a harness face first towards a flock of cars in the busy streets. No biggie! Okay Zeke, you can strap us in! Here I go! Yolo! I feel like an eagle soaring  through the sky. I can see the whole city from here. The lights illuminate the shadowed sky. All I can feel at this moment in space is adrenaline coursing through my veins. 

Before we retreat to Amity, I want to check off an item on my bucket list. I have always wanted to go through my fear landscape. Even though it will most likely be a bloodcurdling experience, I want to see how my greatest fears will be presented to me. Hopefully when I go under the simulation, I won’t hear or see anything except for a silent scape of black nothingness. 

Now that the cackling swarm of elf on the shelf dolls is over, we can head to Hippieville (more formally known as Amity). We can catch a ride on one of the dirt infested transporting trucks. It should take us to a see of crops and grass. I can’t wait to pluck the blood red and sunshine yellow apples off of the towering trees and bite into their skin with my teeth. 

Finally! We’re here! See the trees? They almost stretch for an infinite number of miles. I can practically taste the juice from the apples making my mouth pucker. The only problem is, in order to reach those apples, we are going to have to swing like a pack of crazed apes on vines in order to to get them. Crunch! These apples are making my taste buds hungry for more, but we should go to destination number two: The Bureau of Genetic Welfare. The only problem is that we are going to have to climb the mile high fence. It’s like climbing the Great Wall of China!

Phew! That took a billion years! At least we are here now. Look! It’s the infamous statue. I think that this calls for an end-of-the-day selfie! Say “selfie!” Now that we have crossed off the final item from my bucket list, I think it’s time to head back to 2014. Please come again and remember, the sky trains are always running! 


Thanks so much for reading my post! Below I have included a few cool links related to Divergent that fans may want to check out! 

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Alone- Free Write 5-14-14

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Hey guys! This is a poem I wrote in English free write a while ago. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but I have been kind of  busy. Hope you enjoy it!

I stare longingly through the wire diamonds.

I’m depressed and lonely.

I have no one. I sit alone.

As the hours grow longer,

The flock flies in and out, in and out.

I hear an infinite number of yelps and thunders

Echoing through the cinder walls.

I look longingly at the damp path.

It’s covered in muddy footprints:

Muddy footprints that once squealed and

Smiled at what they saw:

Puppies, of course!

How could you resist?

The bright, cartoonish eyes filled with

Curiosity and wonder.

Their dainty paws and petite nails

Scurrying across the unkept floor.

I, however, sit alone, unwanted.

I glance for a split second at my wire bed.

It’s covered with heavily used blankets

That scratch my ratchet floor.

But hey, it’s all i’ve got. 

I curl up on my cheap, old bed.

As I close my eyes, 

I hope and pray that maybe,

Just maybe, I’ll find my forever home. 

Thanks for reading!

Del <3

My Dog-Gone Vacation: Vocab Writing 4-23-14

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Hey guys! This was a short story I wrote in English at the end of April. Our assignment was to use our 4 vocab words in a story. I thought I would share it. Here it is!

I was getting restless. An overwhelming amount of fatigue took over my body. I had been curled up in a tiny little ball in the back seat of my owners’ mini van for 5 HOURS! That is like 3 days in dog time. Don’t get me wrong, I love my owners, but being in a car with them for that long is a CHALLENGE! You know what makes it worse? Every time I move, I hit something or make something fall. “Bad Dog!” they yell. I don’t like being called a bad dog, so I decide to sit conformed and silent. As the hours in the increase, all I hear are whiny voices saying, “Are we here yet?” Boy is that annoying! After what feels like a week of driving, we arrive at a large, wooden house. This doesn’t look like our house back home, but it has a pool, so I like it!

My owners head to their car to unpack their humungus wheely bags from it. I chase after Sarah and Jacob, my two small owners. I hear their feet pounding on the bowing steps as they run up to the porch. When we all go inside, I start to sniff. I sniff everything! There are a lot of new smells. Some are as old as antiques! I follow a smell to the food room. My owners are up there looking at breakable stuff. I want to see it too, but NOOO! They left me downstairs and didn’t include me in whatever they are doing. I run towards Karen and steal it out of her hand.

“He’s getting away!” yells Jacob. All of sudden, I hear pounding at the floor. They sound like a herd of rhinos. I run down the stairs towards the bedrooms, but I slip and drop the breakable thing. Oops! “Buddy! Bad dog!” I hear my owner say. It is Bob and he has a mighty wrath. I decide to hide, but they find me under the bed. They scold me and pluck my nose, but I don’t care. I know they are going to  do something fun soon. I can sense it. Sure enough, after the scolding, Sarah and Jacob disapear into their bedrooms as well as Bob and Karen.

When they come out, they are all wearing different clothes and they are carrying long boards, rough blankets and bags that smell like salt. “Come Buddy, come!” cauxs Bob. Sarah picks me up and carries me alongside them. As we get closer to our destination, I smell salt. I start to go ballistic and bark like crazy! The owners set their stuff down and ran towards them foamy crust of the water. I hopped on a surfboard with Bob and rode the waves like a boarder. I love feeling the spray of the ocean misting my fur. It feels soothing under the molten hot sun.

After a while, Karen, Jacob and Sarah get out of the water and go look for small rocks. I go with them. We end up filling 2 whole buckets with shells. I look up from the ground and see that the sun is setting. It is so pretty. It looks like a watercolor painting in the sky. I know what watercolor paintings are because I have destroyed a few. The owners pack up and head home. I am exhausted from my fun day! Sarah notices I am slacking and scoops me up again. As we walk up the stairs, I can hear Sarah faintly singing a lullaby in my ear. Sarah carries me into her room and lays me down gently down on her bed. My eyes flicker open and shut, open and shut. I slowly repose. So far, I am liking this thing that they call vacation.

The End!

Thanks for reading this! Leave any thoughts in the description box!

Del <3

Unicornlandia: My New and Improved Door Story

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Hey guys! So, in English a few weeks ago, we wrote a story about a door. This is my improved version of it. Hope you like it!

You know that feeling when you finished your homework, your friends can’t hang out and you have seen all of the sitcoms stuffed on your DVR? Well, this is exactly how I was feeling today. I was just lounging on my bed. I was really bored and there was nothing, absolutely NOTHING to do. I really needed to just get away to somewhere fun. Since fun was kind of out of my reach, I decided I would just take a nap. I can’t hurt, right? I fell on to my back and let the nothingness take over as I slowly fell asleep. 

Bang! Pow! Bam! Not again! My brother who is NOT a musician was playing on my DAD’s drum set. All I could here was that horrible noise traveling through my ears. “Jake!” I yelled angrily. I flew across my room and threw my door open. “Stop doing that…” I said. “Huh,” I thought. “This is weird!” There were no art projects flung on the walls or family photos scattered on the walls. There was tall, lucius grass covering the ground like a blanket. There were flowering trees that licked the clouds. And the sky, it was stretched as far as the eye could see. 

I just stood there a while, taking it all in. This had to be a dream! I mean, where did this beautiful meadow come from? When I opened my door, it should’ve swung open and and pointed towards the stairs. Almost ushering me down the carpeted slope. But this, this was so much prettier and nicer. But how did it get so nice and peaceful after I heard such a horrifying noise. I don’t know. Maybe I was just hallucinating. But hey, I’ll take this fantasy land for my brother’s take on Rush any day! 

After I sort of figured out how I got here, I decided to let curiosity lead the way! I jumped up from the ground and ran towards a blooming cherry blossom tree. I climbed up the tree, but I plummeted back down to the ground. The tree trunk was smothered in rich dark chocolate. I eventually managed to get myself onto a tree branch. I thought I saw a sparkle in the distance, so I pushed some of the cherry blossoms to the side. “Woah!” I thought. “This flower is made of cotton candy!” I quickly gathered all of the cotton candy I could carry. Soon enough, I had a heap of candy weighing down my arms. The tree was practically bare, so now I could even see everything from an aerial view. I couldn’t believe what I saw.

My eyes scanned the valley. It was overflowing with unicorns. Some were pink or pastel and some were rainbow and neon.  I had never seen a unicorn before. I had always thought they were make believe. I quickly scurried down the chocolate/cotton candy tree and sprinted towards the valley where a herd of the mystical creatures were grazing. As I admired the unicorns, I saw one standing in the back, frolicking in the sunshine. As soon as it saw me, it’s eyes locked with mine. It gracefully cantered towards me and nuzzled me hand as I stroked it’s forelock. All of a sudden, the entire herd gallops away into the forest of chocolate trees: leaving me all alone in the pouring rain. 

I frantically search forest for the herd, but they are nowhere to be found. Then, I heard a small whinny. I looked through the hurried droplets of water and see the young unicorn I met a few moments earlier. They unicorn trotted towards me. It gave a short whinny and nudged me. It almost looked like it was asking me to climb on to it’s back. As I climbed on it’s back, I saw a rainbow appear. Suddenly, the sun slammed into the clouds making quite a spectacle. The unicorn started to gallop towards a nice sea shore. Waves were crashing into the sand like restless children. The ocean spray spit in my face. As the unicorn traveled further, I saw a mountain of sea glass of all different colors. I slowly dismounted the unicorn and grabbed a piece of violet sea glass. When the sun hit the sea glass, a blinding light shone straight through my eyes. 

I jolted awake. I was in my bedroom again. “What happened? Where is the unicorn?” I thought. I ran at my door and twisted the knob open. Staring back at me were the smiles of my family members in the portraits hanging on the walls. I grudgilly walked back to my bed. On my bed, I saw a piece of sea glass. A violet piece of sea glass. I quickly rushed over to it and examined it. Engraved on the sea glass was: Only love from all the unicorns of Unicornlandia. I smiled to myself and placed my sea glass on my bed side table. I thought that I had been dreaming, but maybe I wasn’t after all. Maybe I could go back some day. “Dinner!” called my mom. I skipped out the door, but when I looked in front of me, I saw a unicorn staring back at me. “No way!” I thought.

The End!

Speaking of unicorns, I have a virtual pet horse named Unicorn. Please visit my footer sidebar at the bottom of my blog to play with him! Also, if you have any thoughts on my story, please share them with me as a comment!

Del <3

Virginia Beach!

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Hey guys! I am so excited because on Friday, my family and I are leaving for Virginia Beach! Every year, we go to Virginia beach for a baseball thing for my brother. We always stay at this hotel that has a lazy river! Guess what? It’s also indoors! It is so much fun. The doctor said I can even go swimming! Well, I can go in the water. I am really excited. I even get to miss school! It will even be an A-Day when we go (no science!!!!!!!). The only bad thing about the trip is that I will not get to go to Philly to meet Chloe and Christi from Dance Moms! Well anyway, Go Brady! Good luck at your, uh, whatever it is!

Del <3


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Hey guys! So on Friday, I got to leave school early because I had to go get a bonescan on my knee. The lady, Linda, made me do really uncomfortable positions with my knee that made it hurt.  At least the bonescan wasn’t as loud as the MRI! I am going to go to the doctor’s again on Thursday, so hopefully it is all good news!

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Dance Moms Reunion: Girl Talk

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Hey guys! So last night, part 2 of the Dance Moms reunion was on. Basically, all the girls answered fans questions and shared their opinions on stuff. Chloe was kind of the host of the show, but Maddie, Nia, Kendall, Mackenzie, Payton and Asia were on it. Kalani wasn’t on it, but I don’t know why. During the show, there was the world premiere of Mackenzie’s music video. It was really cute! Some things that disappointed me about the show was that they did not bring back Brooke and Paige! Brooke was my favorite and I really liked Paige, so I wish that they had been on it. Overall, I think that it was a funny and entertaining second half of the reunion. I can’t wait for the show to come back on!

Del <3

10 Things That Make Me Happy

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Hey guys! So, this is next week’s blogging assignment, but I thought I would do it now because I am in a happy mood!

1. Unicorns

2. My dogs

3. Gymnastics

4. Dance Moms

5. My friends

6. My phone and tablet

7. Listening to music

8. Minions

9. Divergent

10. Olaf




We were also supposed to put our happy song! My happy song is HAPPY because it is called Happy and it is just a really fun song! Hope that this post made you happy! 

Del <3

Dear Adults…

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Hey guys! So my blogging assignment this week is to write a letter to the adults of the world telling them what they can improve on to make the Earth a better place to grow up. Here is mine!

Dear adults,

I feel like the majority of you guys tell us to do as you say and not as you do. For example, many adults tell us how bad smoking is, but then they go outside and smoke. How many people have told you to recycle every day? Well apparently, only 70% actually do what they told you to do. This is very frustrating to me as a kid because it makes me feel conflicted when I make certain decisions. I also feel like this helps kids develop some of the bad habits that we have and can’t break. If you guys set better examples for us kids, we would be able to make the Earth a better place to grow up because we would have people that we look up to doing what we are doing.



PS: Do you agree? Leave your response as a comment below!


Dance Moms Reunion: Seeing Red

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Hey guys. So, I watched the Dance Moms Reunion Part 1: Seeing Red on Tuesday night. It was really funny. There was mama drama galore and really great dances were performed. Maddie did Game of Love, her tap solo. Mackenzie did Cry. Chloe did Seeing red. The group dances performed were The Witches of East Canton and Lift You Up (Kinky Boots). Throughout the episode, many things were fought over like Kelly and Abby’s fight and Maddie and Kalani’s secret duet. Sadly, Leslie was on the reunion as well as Cathy. Brooke and Paige were not included in The Witches of East Canton. Kelly was also left out. Next week, part 2 of the reunion is on. I really hope they bring back Brooke and Paige for next week. I am so excited to see Asia on next week as well. I will share my thoughts on part 2 next week. Thank you for reading!